[Or: $15 Please?]

Time is flying.  In an amlost literal sense.  Between keeping up somthing resembling a regular training regeme and the rigours of a workplace that ramps up to 10x normal speed for November, I’ve basically let this blog fall behind.

Rest assured, one and all, that I’ve been riding regularly, both on the exercise bike thingo at home and also out and about on the back-end of tandems over the last couple of weeks.

A couple of things:

1.  Exsight now has a web site: exsighttandems.org.au

2.  WIN TV News, Wollongong did a rather nice piece on the group, which went to air 16th October.  You can see it on the site.

3.  We have Jerseys… well almost.  They’ve arrived and await collection.  You can see  the artists conception at the site too.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported my fundraising efforts… we’re at $585, which is really cool, but I’d love that extra $15.  I like round numbers… somthing about my nerdish nature… or autistic tendancies, maybe?  Let not look at that too hard.

The ride is Sunday, and with a 4:15am pickup, it should be a long day. I am, perhapps foolishly, looking forward to it!

As always, if you’d like to make a last minute donation: