Andrew has been working with computers for years. He was one of those nerdy types that got to learn LOGO on a Microbee 16 in year 2, and it went down from there.

After completing year 12, he went to the University of New England, intent on getting a BCompSc/LLB. Between losing large amounts of vision from Optic Atrophy, the discovery of Community Radio and a bunch of other personal stuff, he totally failed to get a degree.

He worked for TUNE!FM at the University, and was in charge of the IT systems at the UNE Students’ Association and later Services UNE, before moving to Sydney to become the IT Coordinator(s) at the Community Broadcasting Association of Austaralia and FBi Radio.

He is married, lives in Wollongong and has two dogs and a cat. On the weekends he often rides tandem bicycles with other visually impaired people.

The posts on these blogs are his own opinion, and do not necessarily reflect the view of his employers.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Hi Admau,

    Just a short note to let you know the latest on Project TOTO.

    We greatly appreciated your blog coverage of our first mission and your thoughts on community media (Participatory Media Here and now) and wanted to inform you that our second mission is underway!

    Following our pilot blog outpost in Tanzania in 2009, we’re launching our second blog outpost in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh next week.

    After conducting a nation-wide competition to find outreach bloggers with the right combination of blogging skills and passion for social justice, we chose Joel Katz and Sharna Bremner.

    Joel and Sharna will depart for Bangladesh on the 4th of June and will return to Australia on the 19th of June 2010 – giving them two weeks to train local staff and a citizen journalist group to use Twitter and blogs to tell their stories.

    While in Bangladesh, Joel and Sharna will be uploading blog posts each day to the TOTO Blog ( keeping followers up to date with the project.

    They’ll also be posting updates on their respective Twitter accounts (@JoelKatz1 and @Sharnajb)

    We’ll also be linking to all the posts from Joel, Sharna and the Bangladeshi trainee bloggers from our @ActionAid_Aus twitter account.

    Interest in TOTO Bangladesh is heating up, with stories in the SMH as well as local press and interviews with our bloggers on a number of national and state radio stations over the past few weeks.

    The media interest has been great, but we also need bloggers like yourself to help spread the word and encourage like-minded people to start engaging with our trainee bloggers in Bangladesh through the new outreach blog.

    Any support you can give would be hugely appreciated. If you’re interested in writing about TOTO, I’d be happy to send you more info and pictures to help you out.

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