[Or: Can society really look after itself?]

Things have been going a little crazy of late, with respect to the various attitudes people hold towards women.  Obviously there’s the whole NRL story going on, then there’s the issues around the NetRegistry and other stands at CeBIT this week. (Props to Kate Carruthers)

Adding to this my own little experience yesterday, where a person waiting to cross Gibbons Street in Redfern said: “Get away from me, you diseased animal”.  The response to my “what?” was “you blind diseased animal”.

Charming, no?

Mark Pesce‘s  presentation/post Sharing Power (Aussie Rules) delves into the cloud, and the cloud vs. the hierarchy (and is a wonderful piece of writing – maybe the ABC should pay attention? That’s another topic).

However I am forced to wonder that given these sentiments around, whether the cloud is even close to being ready to take over?  At times we all want to distance ourselves from various parts of society,  I certainly did last night.

Are we in a position to discuss our views, freely and openly, to educate each other and come to a true consensus on what is the acceptable way to behave?

These things happen from time to time, whether its the NRL or Bill Hensen, lots of discussion takes place in the traditional, community and social media, but do we actually come to any kind of consensus or conclusion on these matters?  Do we end up educating ourselves, each other and society as a whole?  Or do we just leave things hanging?

Not sure, myself… what do you think?