After the 60km of two weekends ago, last weekend ended up being a short ride from Wollongong to Bulli and back again, probably only 30km at the end of the ride.

Spin bike training has also been going well, with 45-minute or hour long sessions three times a week being the norm.

All  in all, I’m starting to feel that the Gong Ride won’t be too bad at all.  I still feel a little hesitant about the hills in the Royal National Park.  People say that they are bad hills, and I’ve not seen them.  The issue being what some people consider bad, others don’t find as difficult.  I guess I should adaopt a worst case scenario outlook, accept that they will be tough, and be grateful when I find they’re not as bad as all that.

This weekend there is a group ride from Wollongong to the Sea Cliff Bridge, and then my Gong Ride Captain Greg and I (and maybe a couple more) will be going out again on Sunday.