September 2009

After a subdued weekend of riding last weekend, the weekend just gone saw it kicked up a notch.

On Saturday, four tandems set out from Wollongong and rode on the northern cycleway and Lawrence Hardgraves Drive, over the Sea Cliff Bridge to Coal Cliff and back again.  The ride north is probably a little tougher, with an overall rise, and with the addition of a stiff northerly breeze it was a little tough.  The ride back to Wollongong (after coffee at Thirroul Beach) was a lot quicker, and wind assisted.  Overall that made for a ride of 54.8km.  Subtracting the coffee break, we covered the distance in about 3 hours, averaging around 22km/hr.  Check out the map.

On Sunday, Greg, his mate Dave and I took a spin around Lake Illawarra and back via West Dapto.  Again, there was a bit of wind about, mostly coming from SE though it seemed to have moved a bit more NE by the time we were heading back home.  We covered a distance of about 52km in just under 2hrs, with an average speed of about 27km/hr.  See the map.

All in all, it was a big weekend, and I’m feeling a little sore today.

This Sunday, an Exsight Tandems teem will ride in the Sydney Spring Cycle from St Leonards Park, North Sydney to Olympic Park.  Looking forward to it.

And don’t forget, if you want to support my ride in the Sydney to the Gong, and help me raise funds for MS Australia, please sponsor me.

After the 60km of two weekends ago, last weekend ended up being a short ride from Wollongong to Bulli and back again, probably only 30km at the end of the ride.

Spin bike training has also been going well, with 45-minute or hour long sessions three times a week being the norm.

All  in all, I’m starting to feel that the Gong Ride won’t be too bad at all.  I still feel a little hesitant about the hills in the Royal National Park.  People say that they are bad hills, and I’ve not seen them.  The issue being what some people consider bad, others don’t find as difficult.  I guess I should adaopt a worst case scenario outlook, accept that they will be tough, and be grateful when I find they’re not as bad as all that.

This weekend there is a group ride from Wollongong to the Sea Cliff Bridge, and then my Gong Ride Captain Greg and I (and maybe a couple more) will be going out again on Sunday.

Well, I would like to preface this entry by saying that sickness abounds.  Between illness and migrains myself and my dearest wife, much of the training at home on the spin bike just hasn’t happened.  This is a little disappointing, but there’s not much to be done.

Exsight did do a ride around Lake Illawaraa on the weekend, and with some doubling back from Dapto the Berkley at the start and Berkley to Dapto at the end, we totaled a ride of 60km, which was all rather pleasent, what with the wonderful weather and all.

I kind of wish I had more to put here, but hopefully this will improve over the next week.