I mentioned last week that I was preparing for the Sydney to Gong Ride this year on November 1st.  Well, it’s now all official, and here is the information.

Exsight Tandems has a team entered, and I will be riding with Greg Shepherd as my captain.  The event is 90km from Sydney Park, St Peters to Stuart Park, Wollongong, and it takes a route through Brighton-Le-Sands, Loftus, the Royal National Park, Thirroul, Fairy Meadow and Wollongong.

I’m feeling a little excited by this, and it should be a fun day.  (Your experience of fun doing this may vary.)

Now the other part of this is that the ride is a fund-raiser for MS Australia, which aims to support those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. As a disease of the central nervous system it currently has no cure, and indeed bares some similarity to my own Optic Atrophy/Neuritis/whatever we’ve decided I might have this month.

So if you’d like to hear about my ride, support those with MS, or otherwise just want to give a tax deductable dontation, you can sponsor me on this ride.

Note, the profile page isn’t complete, it lacks a picutre and a few details which I will add later, but your support is welcome at any time.