[Or: Today’s Pain, Yesterday’s Adventure]

For those of you who haven’t caught up with me recently, you may or may not be aware that I ride tandem bikes with a group in Wollongong called Exsight.  We’ve got a group of stokers, most of whom are Blind or Visually Impaired, and a group of exceptional volunteer capatains.

In Tandem terminology, the Captain sits at the front, the Stoker at the rear.

It’s a long story how this group got started, but between six stokers, we’ve a team of Captains that let me get out every weekend, and the others who aren’t working get a ride or two in during the week too.

Anyhow, the Exsight group have decided we’re going to ride the Sydney to Gong ride this year. 90km of fun!

Anyhow, one of the captains, Tim, and I decided we’d challenge ourselves a bit on the weekend.  While most of the group were starting in Wollongong with the aim of Austinmer, we decided to ride from my place at Dapto to Wollongong first. (
Map of the Ride)

Through one thing and another, the distance and time between Dapto and Wollongong was underestimated (or misremembered if you prefer) so we missed the group at Wollongong, then at Fairy Meadow.  We pursued the group and eventually met them coming the other way as we rolled into Austinmer.  Now, given we were running behind, and in a competitive way, we felt we had to go as far north as the rest.  Therefor we decided to keep going, getting as far north as Coledale Hospital before turning around.

At that point we caught up with the group at Ruby’s at Bulli Beach, had coffee, chatted, and discovered that they’d only gone as far as Austinmeir. So we’d outdone them all.

Kate, who was riding a half-bike (read: single bike) was riding home to Shellharbour from here, and we agreed to go back to Dapto via Cringilla and accompany her that far.

In the meantime, on the way back from Bulli to Fairy Meadow, competition erupted between our tandem and anther pair, resulting in a race, yelling, the blowing of air-horns and much other silliness.  Over a distance of about 8km something of a race took place, averaging around 37km/hr.  Crazy.

After that, the run home was fairly smooth.  A fun way to spend a morning.  Total distance: 74.3km.

Today, the pain.  Self inflicted, of course.

Area 7 – Let Me Down
Los Capitanes – Going Abroad
The Living End – Short Notice
Los Captianes – Play
Doctor Octopus – El Expensive Bando
The Living End – Rising Up From the Ashes