Pharaoh, oh Pharaoh, my sparrow is an onion

Architecture in Helsinki – Love is Evil (the Prequal)

There are days when events just don’t make quite as much sense as they should.  Sometimes there’s so much going on, things happening left and right, that I can’t actually focus on anything.  Issue follows issue, and some how I fill a day without appearing to achieve anything specific.

While I don’t mind those days, what I find more irritating is when the sequence of events peeters out at around 3pm, leaving me with needing to find some legitimate work, but without the ability to concerntrate on anything in particular.

Today is one of those days.

I’ve tried to get a coherent train of thought into a blog post in the hope of making something useful of my time, but I can’t even seem to do that.  So here we have a post of pointlessness.

Such is life sometimes.

Oh, and I’ve got a migraine starting.

Architecture in Helsinki – Love is Evil (the Prequal)
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