If you’ve seen the Us Now film, then you’ll have seen a variety of online social networking and collaborative applications that have been used in a number of projects around the world, and specifically in the UK.  Even if you haven’t seen it (and if you’re in Sydney keep an eye on my Twitter stream for updates on a Sydney screening and discussion), the ever expanding ability to be connected, to share, contribute and collaborate can’t have escaped your attention.

However I always feel compelled to look backwards, and wonder about those who are behind me in being able to use the technology.  By no means do I consider myself at the cutting edge, but I’m certainly well ahead of lots of other people.

(Perhaps its my own “disadvantage” that makes me think about this… and yes, it’s hardly a disadvantage in most cases.)

So in looking backwards I ask “what about them?”  We’re blazing ahead, embarking upon a fantastic journey, but how do we keep everyone involved?  It’s easy to see the more involved everyone is, the better the end result – greater than the sum of its parts, as it were.

How can we motivated, educate and ultimately involve everyone in this new collaborative world?

I’m up for your ideas, people!

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